Monday, January 24, 2011


Sou Brette was conceived in 2005 by Muqliza Imroni, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Inspirations for Sou Brette grow out of everything and find their way into Muqliza's senses. What she sees, hears, feels, and touches are then translated into an intimate yet tangible recognition of these abstract reverie.

She believes a piece of jewellery is timeless and protean. Whether the person is just starting to bloom or getting along in years, going for lunch with friends or out to an evening dance, a piece of jewellery will find its way in.

Currently 30 years of age, Muqliza has been working independently and collectively in a multitude of media: fashion, illustration, textile, to name a few. Despite this collection of interests, her distinctively bizarre, eclectic, and self-indulgent touches have been consistently evident.

To her, Sou Brette is more than just jewellery. It is an affectionate memento from Muqliza to the wearer.