Monday, May 17, 2010



While watching the 1953 Alexandr Ptushko film "Sadko", Sou Brette's Muqliza Imroni was thoroughly inspired and awed by the golden touch of its incredibly imaginative coloring, splendid characters, and breathtaking portraiture of the underwater kingdom. She wanted to create a collection drawn solely from the imagery of an underwater fairytale.

Unknown Waters was born from this illusive innocence situated beneath the surface of the sea.

Unknown Waters contributes a softer, more organic form to Sou Brette's usual tough, geometric-shaped jewelry. Crystal clear resin filled with faux pearl inlays, ropes dressed in textured marble print cotton in colors representing an underwater realm; have all been carefully chosen to create an honest and personal dream-like collection.

Photography : Albert Judiyanto
Model : Rosalindynata Gunawan
Hair & Make up : Mellisa Alexandra Jusuf
Text: Muqtadir Morgen Imroni